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Easy, nutritious and delicious!


I stopped by at the mall for pet pictures and picked up a sample. When I gave it to my puppy he devoured it. The next day we ran out and I ordered more but he wouldn’t touch his food while we waited! When he hears the bag he goes crazy waiting for it. The customer service provided is impeccable and they answer any questions very prompt. I would recommend them to all pet owners! I think it is also very reasonable; I know I pay a lot more to feed myself on a weekly basis and I know he’s eating good food so it’s all worth it.
- Stephanie T.

Stopped by Tanner Park for the Pet Expo and got a sample of Natural Hounds. Needless to say my dog loves it and ate it all up. My dog is normally a grazer and doesn’t eat right away and I was very impressed when she finished all her food this morning. I also love all the ingredients, will definitely be purchasing more soon.

- Kim P.

Stopped by the Port Jeff farmers market to meet the people at Natural hounds food for dogs. My dog Sushi just tried it and loves it! Looking forward to placing and order this week!

- Karen G.

Saw you at the Huntington festival a few weeks ago, ordered a month supply and my boxers have been inhaling the food. I've never seen my females dish clean. This food is great you see all the vegetables cut up, there's nothing artificial or processed. Best and healthiest dog. Love it.

- Britt V.

Just fed my dogs the free sample package we received at the LI Pet Expo. They ate it up so fast and looked for more! Even though I do cook chicken and a veggie for my dogs to add to their kibble I think this is a great product for busy lives. Won’t have to worry about having a healthy meal on hand for them. You’ll be getting an order for me soon!

- Paula T.

Great price for great your loved ones. Our dogs are older now and have gotten pretty picky when it came to the food they eat. But since buying your products they send no time at all digging into their bowls again. Thank you guys for the amazing work.

- Zachary V.

Be Confident in What You Are Putting Into Your Dog's Body

With Natural Hounds, you never have to worry about what you are feeding your dog. Our healthy dog food is handmade from simple recipes, with real wholesome, natural ingredients, and packed with nutrients. Right here in Saint James, New York, your pup's food is made fresh and delivered right to your door.

Our wet food recipes, Original and Beef, are each made with fresh all-natural ingredients from a local restaurant supplier. Some of the main ingredients in these recipes are turkey, beef, eggs, sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut oil, kale and spinach, among other nutrient rich ingredients. The food is prepared and cooked by hand once an order is placed. Shortly after cooking, we package the healthy dog food and deliver right to your door!


Our Philosophy

Better for Them, Easier for You

At Natural Hounds, we believe that all dogs should be fed quality, wholesome food, free of harmful preservatives and cheap fillers that are commonly found in many major brand pet foods. We aim to transform the way dog food is made and what it is made out of, as well as taking the guessing out of the feeding process.

Our complete and balanced wet food is made fresh, pre-portioned to your dog's individual profile and delivered to your door each week after placing an order online. This eliminates the need to go to the store for your dog food, while also eliminating the uncertainty of your dog's proper nourishment with each meal.

All of this at an unrivaled price is what makes us different, and we hope that you and your dogs will enjoy our products and service as much as we enjoy providing them to you.


Our Ingredients

All ingredients used by Natural Hounds, in both our wet food recipes and treats, are sure to please you and your dog. Our products are prepared and handmade with extreme care. No unnecessary fillers or by-products are used in any recipes, ensuring a healthy meal for your best friend.

Why Natural Hounds?

Wholesome Ingredients

All of our products are made with wholesome and natural ingredients that you can recognize. We pride ourselves on our simple and nutritious recipes.

Customized Plans

Our wet food is pre-portioned into individual meals based on your pup's activity level and weight. Never worry about under or overfeeding, as we take care of it for you!

Delivered to your Door

All Natural Hounds products are delivered directly to your door. No need to go out of your way to pickup more food!


Chicken Jerky Treats

100% chicken breast cooked & dehydrated. A great crunchy and nutritious treat for your pup!


Fresh All-Natural Wet Food

Our Original, Beef, Lamb, and Pork Recipes are made fresh, contain only all-natural ingredients, and are delivered to your door.


Original Crunchy Treats 

These peanut butter and pumpkin treats make a great snack for your dog at any time of day!

Make Your Life Easier by Ordering a Subscription

Natural Hounds healthy dog food delivery subscriptions are available on all of our products. Subscriptions allow you to place one order that will automatically renew each week or whatever delivery interval you choose. Subscriptions are less expensive than one time purchases, ensuring that you are getting the highest value possible. You'll never have to worry about running out of dog food again! 

How to Feed Natural Hounds

Receive Delivery

Your box will be placed at your front door upon delivery. Your healthy dog food will stay cold for up to 12 hours.


Place your meal packs in the refrigerator or freezer. If placed in freezer, remember to thaw out before feeding.


Feed your dog one pack per day or a half pack per day based on your delivery interval.


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Natural Hounds offers fresh, all-natural, healthy dog food and treats delivery.

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